Glassbox at Google Video and Elsewhere

Posted on September 29, 2006


This was a big week for Glassbox. We started off by presenting a tech talk on Java Troubleshooting with Glassbox at Google we had some great feedback at the talk and a lunch before and are looking forward to further feedback as teams there try the technology.

Later this, week I also had a good on site visit with a major business information provider where we installed and tested Glassbox on Weblogic and Tomcat for a variety of interesting applications. We also started work on integrating with a high availability system for a hospital, to provide performance and liveliness data. We are looking to provide more rich API’s to allow writing custom extensions and deeper integration with Glassbox. We see a great opportunity to extend our monitoring with focused, application specific descriptions of components, service level agreements, and metrics. The idea is that you should be able to get useful data out of the box but can leverage the power of AOP to get more insight with a small investment. I’d love your input on this.

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