See Glassbox at JavaOne

Posted on May 18, 2006


If you are at JavaOne this week, make sure to see Rob Harrop demonstrate a preview of the next generation of Glassbox tomorrow (Friday) at 1:15pm at Designing Manageable J2EE™ Platform-Based Applications With JMX™ Technology with an Ajax Web application that provides summaries of application problems like failing connections or slow remote calls and JMX console integration for detailed drill-downs into applications. Here is a preview:


Rob and I spent some time yesterday to discuss Glassbox and to get him a preview of our new technology. Rob, Keith Donald (who leads Spring Web Flow) and I also discussed how Glassbox can use with Spring AOP to provide deep insight into Spring applications with negligible overhead.

I’ve also been enjoying catching up with friends and meeting new people at JavaOne parties. Thanks to Simon Phipps, BEA and Tangosol, and Geronimo and partners for hosting some great festivities. To me, the big story at this JavaOne is how open source technologies built on Java are winning at every level. Whether in Web application frameworks or application servers, the primary contenders are increasingly open source…

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