Demos at AOSD 2006

Posted on March 29, 2006


There were seventeen demos at AOSD, most of which were quite interesting. I was only sorry I couldn’t attend more of them! I presented the Glassbox Troubleshooter which uses AspectJ for Java application troubleshooting and the Glassbox Inspector data collector and had some good discussions with attendees about how it works and future directions.

I enjoyed seeing AO4BPEL which uses AOP for Business Process Mamanagement, by extending IBM’s BPEL engine BPWS4J to allow aspects to interact with business processes (e.g., adding promotions or performance monitoring across processes) and also to provide middleware aspects (like reliability and security) for SOAP messaging. I also was interested in a talk about Phoenix.NET, a research project for AOP on .NET, along with a discussion of how Microsoft is also concerned about a number of facets of AOP, in many ways relating to losing control. This probably sounds familiar.