My New AOP@Work Article: Next steps with aspects

Posted on March 17, 2006


I’m pleased to announce the publication of a new article I wrote called "Next Steps with Aspects: After Learning Advice" as part of the AOP@Work article series on IBM Developerworks. The article gives advice for effective applications, integration, and adoption at each of these four stages of using aspects:

  • Learning and experimenting. I show examples of exception logging, performance tracing, and enforcement aspects and a technique to reuse library aspects.
  • Solving real problems. I discuss how to integrate AOP with tools and managing dependencies,  show how to implement license enforcement and error handling and how to extend library aspects using Glassbox as an example.
  • Integrating aspects into core development.  I look at using aspects for fine-grained authorization, keeping persistent relationships in sync, and for monitoring and recording macros in a UI. I also discuss some more advanced techniques such as exposing business relationships.
  • Sharing with others. This section looks at how to create reusable aspects effectively, looking at pointcut interfaces and using aspects to allow for feature variations.

I’d welcome your input on the article, and would love to hear how you are using aspects.