Glassbox Troubleshooter & Inspector 1.0 Released

Posted on February 28, 2006


We just announced the 1.0 Release of the Glassbox Troubleshooter product and the Glassbox Inspector project. The Glassbox Troubleshooter builds on the Glassbox Inspector’s AspectJ and JMX monitoring technology. The Troubleshooter adds root cause analysis and a focused GUI client that dramatically simplifies the process of Java troubleshooting. Our goal is to winnow down most of the common performance and reliability problems in enterprise development, providing a concise summary of what is wrong with supporting evidence to make it clear. The product is free to try, and we’d love your feedback! I see the product as especially helpful for finding problems in production and when integration or system testing code. See the screen shot below for an example of the kind of information it provides. You can also learn more at

Just last week, I had a great experience working with a manged service provider where they were able to download, install, run the product and get valuable information about their application in a QA environment in less than half a day (and half of the time was spent figuring out how to uninstall another monitoring product!).

p.s. Stay tuned for more about designing the next releases.