Article Announcing Glassbox Inspector: AOP Performance Management

Posted on September 14, 2005


I’m pleased to say that IBM Developerworks has just published part one of my two part article, Performance monitoring with AspectJ, Part 1: A look inside the Glassbox Inspector with AspectJ and JMX. The article shows the design of a larger-scale system with AOP, based on real world experience.

The Glassbox Inspector project makes it much easier to troubleshoot enterprise Java applications in production. We announced the open source project’s first release yesterday, and would love your input and contributions to the project!

The Glassbox Inspector combines AspectJ and JMX for a flexible, modular approach to monitoring performance for enterprise systems. It provides correlated information to allow you to identify specific problems, but with low enough overhead to be used in production environments. It lets you capture statistics such as total counts, total time, and worst-case performance for requests, and will also let let you drill down into that information for database calls within a request.