Software Development West 2005 Enterprise AOP Tutorial

Posted on March 21, 2005


Ramnivas and I started last week by presenting a full day hands on tutorial on enterprise AOP at Software Development West. We were really impressed by the level of knowledge and smart questions and success that many attendees had! It’s a big change from the early days of AOP. We also were impressed that about 30 people came and stayed for a full day of lecture and hands on development. Thanks to all the attendees!

Hieu Nguyen also asked an interesting question: is advice on method-execution of a synchronized method itself included in the synchronized block? I had to think a bit before I guessed the answer would be yes (which I then verified by writing a test case). Of course, if you wrap the method body with a synchronized(this) { … } block, then the advice is outside the synchronized block.

Given the desire to keep method synchronization attributes in tact, this is really the only way it can be (i.e., you can consider synchronization to occur between call and execution), but it would present an interesting challenge when/if AspectJ gets a sychronized(…) pointcut descriptor.