AOSD 2005 Overview

Posted on March 21, 2005


I have just returned from the 2005 edition of the Aspect-Oriented Software Development conference in Chicago last week. There were 255 registered participants, almost 25% of which were from industry. It was great to see so many people from industry who are using AOP in a serious way, as well as researchers and students who are creating the next wave of aspect innovation.

I flew in on a red eye Tuesday morning and presented a half-day Enterprise AOP Tutorial with Nicholas Lesiecki to kick off AOSD. The audience who came to our tutorial was a microcosm for the AOSD 2005 industry track attendees as a whole: a good mix of forward looking developers and managers and researchers who are interested in real world applications of AOSD.

It was a busy week that featured a great combination of:

  • Presentations about new technology developments and information on using AOP on real projects
  • Informal conversations with AOP technology developers, leaders in applying AOP, and researchers
  • BOFs on AspectJ language design and reusable libraries
  • Keynotes, tutorials, demos, exhibitions, and workshops

As an industry chair, I attended all the industry track, so this year I wasn’t able to hear the research papers nor the demos, though some sounded very interesting. The following entries will give highlights from some of the events I attended.

Thanks again to all the speakers, industry participants, researchers, and students who came and made AOSD such a great event. Thanks to all the sponsors and to Mira, Tzilla, Ramnivas, Gregor, Brian and the rest of the organizing committee who were instrumental in making the conference go well and making the first industry track go well. Good luck to the organizing comittee for next year, especially the industry chairs: Alex Vasseur and Matt Chapman!

See also Adrian’s great blog entries for more in depth coverage (starting at and Dion’s news posting at TheServerSide.